(Extract 2 from 'Mozart had the Blues')   The autobiography as a piece of history -2-

Everyone is part of history. In 1997 I presented my autobiography to a small, also formerly familiar circle, to take stock on my 50th birthday (1). You will find an update of it here, which also analyzes the pre-history of 'Mozart has the blues', above all from the viewpoint of the history of drums. This biography reflects some stages of the history of the Federal Republic of Germany and deals with the approximately fifty global and epochal centers or metropolises in the context of globalization. For example, important milestones are: occupation troops and AFN influence around 1960; protests and scepticism of the movement of 1968, ascent of beat and rock music in the 60s; nostalgia of the 1970s-80s, the rediscovery of modern jazz, the back-to-the-roots rock or the radicalism from punk rock on, mass unemployment again; the Berlin Wall before, then German reunification in the 90s, loss of the niche existence of the Federal Republic of Germany; '9/11', 'Charlie Hebdo', 'Bataclan', meanwhile countless attacks; 'war is a business like any other' - this is also applied to the once 'leading world power of socialism' ...; military environmental destruction, pandemics; globalization, internet, computer-related change. Today bands are no longer pure live bands, but a mixture of live performance and computer-generated playback. Some are even entirely virtual bands. Both real and virtual bands have songs on the internet charts. 'And musicians from all kinds of globally far-flung places can now simultaneously play together over the internet and thus virtually form bands, for example, at Ejamming.com': However, the worldwide corona quarantine from March 2020 on showed that online band sessions, when they were really needed worldwide, do not work or are too complicated. As a result, Mhdb moved away from their goal of one day trying to be an ejamming band (2). Nevertheless, 'Mozart has the blues' have taken all this into account and perform as a live and virtual band. But from the outset, this has been only a means to an end, i. e. to analyze the approximately fifty global and epochal centers or metropolises (permanent project): where the history of mankind has concentrated up to now; or where the majority of people have globally and traditionally lived; and to analyze how live music, percussion or even jazz have come about; and thus giving rise to ethno and experiments, experimental jazz and rock, Mozart and blues.

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