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Bambulete - a virtual percussion group, established in 2010 - also presents the 43 Mhdb songs or standards with German spoken lyrics, but almost atonally & percussively, as well as entirely computer-generated. Bambulete are still virtually the non-identical Mhdb twin. In 2014, the Bambuelte sets 1-3 were created, the Bambulete sets 4-5 are still under construction. In the Bambulete songs, the German lead and backing vocals, as well as the lotus flute exist in reality. But wood blocks, timpani, agogo bells, taiko drums, birds, synthetic drums, drums and the Saturn are computer-generated or imitated reality. Song examples (mp3):

All Bambulete songs (mp3)

Bambulete bio. In 2010 were established as the 7th Mhdb band. The idea was to form a group of two drummers and one computer (d, d, computer, 2010-12, In 2012, Bambulete continued as Mhdb's drums & percussion page. Since 2013 Bambulete have performed again as a percussion group (d, perc, computer) and generated the Bambulete songs mainly with a computer. So Bambulete are still more virtual than live. Until 2013 the main website was a Myspace page, since then the Bambulete website is a Mhdb page with the frame address


Bambulete (d, d, computer), 2012

Bambulete stage plan 2010-12

In the initial phase, in 2010, a few Bambulete proto songs emerged from the Mhdb standards. These Bambulete songs can still be listened to on the internet:

- "Bambulete", 4:42 min, 2008, free, a Mhdb tribute to
- "CharliesShufflete", 3:42 min, 2010, similar to "KarlMarxShuffle", Text, 5/4, 3:29
- "Bluelete", 2:30 min, 2010
- "OpaIhmSeinLalete", 4:00 min, 2010, similar to "OpaIhmSeinLaden", Text, 7/4, 4:00
- "Percussiolete", 4:57 min, 2010, free

Contact: Wolfgang Billmann, Kassel, Germany,

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